18 March 2013

Feelling incomplete - Are you?

Not so long time ago I realized that whatever I was doing was going nowhere.

I mean, all my efforts and hard work was disappearing and showing no results. I was working more and more and I started loosing focus by taking on board new ideas I considered helpful. Then it came to me why it was going that way: I lost my passion, I lost my interest, I lost myself.

And not only this. From almost every direction I heard - plan, set goals and focus on them but how could I do such simple thing when I lost ability to have goals. Yes, I lost it. It came to my realisation that ...I don't know what I want any more. It is not because I have/had all what you can imagine and World can deliver. No, as I can remember there was always something I wanted and this was pushing me forward but not this time. I thought I want this and that but something has changed because otherwise I would go and do something to get that. But no, I was doing everything to do nothing, doing unimportant things or simply procrastinating. The questions such as - do I really want this?, do I really need this? what I REALLY want? started popping out.
Practically, I was making sure I will not get that!

Than, I've heard that this is OK. This is OK to not know now. Don't worry, this is because all is changing. The new energy is taking over. New, stronger, better. Fine, what else?
Some other said, and this feels right, you can't live tomorrow or yesterday, so why do you worry about that and try to revive death yesterday? The only place where you can live is NOW, here, so BE. Be here and now. Than there was another and another person saying the same. Fine, OK, I hear you.

I was blaming circumstances, others and then myself, when I realised it was all my fault I was looking for forgiveness. But one day I heard some other person saying - there is no need to forgive anyone anything because there is nothing to be forgiven. Whenever you do so you admit that someone did something to you but the only person who can harm is YOU, only you and now, in your grace, you forgive him/her. Feeling better? Sure, but this is you who ask them to be actors in your life theatre. They plaid their roles so well, so natural without even knowing they did it. They were on your scene on your request, so why would you like to forgive them anything? The only reasonable thing to do is to say Thank You for job well done.

And than I heard - you are complete. All things you do to have more and better will go anyway and will not satisfy you at the end of the day. You will still want more and more until you realize that you already have ALL what you need within, you are complete. You have it all to be happy.

So I decided to save on my next trip and book my Vacation Package With Fare Buzz! 
You can do the same too :) Happy holiday!

08 April 2012

Holiday camps for people and horses

Many people love the idea of combining their passion for horses with their vacation, and there are many different places around the world where you can stay and ride at the same time.

The alternative is to stay in your own country and take your own horse on holiday. In the UK, for example, there are plenty of different places that will accept guests and their horses, rather than expecting you to use their horses.

The Lake District is a perfect place to take horses as there are so many quiet lanes, open fields and bridleways to follow. Many people camp in the Lake District as there are so many camp-sites there and the countryside is so breathtakingly beautiful. Before you head off on a camping holiday, it’s best to go and check out the different equipment options in a shop that has a good range of tents for sale. If you go at the right time, you might get an end of season bargain – you can always store it away for next year.

Apart from camping gear, you’ll also need decent clothing for outdoors activities. Women and men's waterproof jackets are essential items as you never know what will happen with the British weather!

For those who like to really experience the great outdoors, you can also combine camping with riding. It’s a great kind of holiday for young people to go on without their parents – they will be safe and well looked after, yet being away from Mum and Dad gives them a sense of independence and freedom. It’s also a perfect solution if your child is horse-mad but you aren’t!

Most teenage horse camps run for about five nights, and include a couple of days at base and an overnight camping trip on horseback. Not only do the participants learn about the reality of taking care of a horse, but they’ll also get to meet new people and experience something totally different from their day to day life.

08 November 2011

Travel Industry

Did you know that the travel industry is one of the biggest in the world?

It may sound not so but it provides "9% of global GDP and 260 million jobs" according to World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and it continually grows. I think this is a lot. 

All this is because we love to travel. The World is so beautiful and it offers almost endless discoveries. I mean, even if you visit the same location and if you are just a bit of an explorer than always you find some new views, places and things you would not expect to be there. 

I'm guessing now, that is because of the size of the industry and the great number of competitors on the market we all can benefit from fantastic deals on Flights, hotels or holiday packages. The only issue is you have to do your research or have access to the good source(s) of information. 

The Internet comes with the aid and when you use the latest mobile device it is even easier. You just type, let say: 'cheap flights'and almost instantly links to the websites offering deals are displayed. Now, when a deal IS a good deal? Again you need do your research, tediously crawling page after page and compare the prices or you can go to those which do it for you. But there are hundreds of comparison pages too!

To resolve this, I stick to one simple rule: 'bookmark pages I used which provided good service and prices and stick to them!'
My winners are: CheapFlights and Expedia. 

I have never had any issues, booking was smooth and fast. All details I needed where in place. So, next time when you will get to your computer ready to book your holiday give them a go. Oh, you may also try FareBuzz for good deals too. You can save up to 60% on Coach and up to 70% on Business Class Flights with them Now!

26 September 2011

What can you gain in Fall

This is just a quick update.

Summer ended and fall is with us. Many still were not on their earned holidays. It is kind of slow and quiet time all over the place. Hmm, actually some are getting ready for Halloween and Xmas! 

Anyway, yes, question :) What can you gain in Fall? Piece of mind and reduced prices! This is perfect time to book your holiday, pack your bags and off you go :) enjoying, relaxing and exotic places :)

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If the above does not work for you, choose your own destination :)

07 July 2011

Cloudy Sky

I would like to share with you some of my pictures. These are clouds observed above Lewisham, Greenwich and Blackheath. Few of them are quite interesting for their shape, such as resembling UFO ship or a shark.
Clouds form fantastic shapes and figures and with a bit of imagination you can see many figures. 

On few pictures you can see something resembling (or maybe not?) two ghosts crossing the rainbow; a big bright light in the middle of the storm cloud (just reflection of the sun light from the opposite side) looking like ... I'm living this to you. Take your time and enjoy. :)

Cloudy Sky

Some pictures were taken with old 2mg pix mobile phone camera because I didn't have anything else at hand but coming storm clouds or sunset were so amazing I had to capture the moment regardless! I'm grateful for such invention.

It was also first time I was able to observe a fairly big storm cloud approaching, passing by at distance and leaving without a drop of rain where I was, see a rainbow and strange shapes. And all this with sun setting down, shining from behind for most of the time! It was spectacular, visual experience, so I hope that you will see/feel it too.